WASHINGTON, DC – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman spent the past weekend attending two different union events in Pittsburgh, as well as traveling 5 hours to Michigan to walk the picket line with striking United Auto Workers (UAW).

Senator Fetterman began his weekend on Friday by speaking to SEIU Workers United at their annual conference in Pittsburgh. In his speech, he condemned Starbucks union busting practices, saying he has “never met a greedy union member” but he has met “plenty of greedy executives.” He thanked the members for their hard work and promised his solidarity, saying he would be “honored to stand with you anytime, whenever I’m asked to.”


On Saturday, Fetterman then drove his UAW-made Ford Bronco from Braddock to Wayne, Michigan to join striking UAW members on the picket line on Saturday, along with Michigan U.S. Senator Gary Peters. After walking the picket line, Fetterman addressed a group of striking workers at the UAW Local 900 union hall.

“It is time for the Big 3 to come to the table and start bargaining in good faith. Enough is enough. Last year the Big 3 CEOs made a combined $74 million. They need to stop with the greed and give these workers what they deserve.” 

Senator Fetterman wrapped up his weekend on Monday with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and Coffee Tree Roasters management in Pittsburgh. During his time as Lt. Governor, Fetterman was a strong advocate for the Coffee Tree Roasters workers’ union drive, and since their successful unionization, management and the union have come together to create a productive work environment.

Senator Fetterman is a longtime advocate and strong supporter of the union way of life. This was not his first time as junior Senator joining union members on strike. Just a few weeks ago, he headlined a rally with striking Wabtec workers in Erie. The UE Union and Wabtec reached a deal at the beginning of September. 

Additionally, Senator Fetterman has used his legislative power to protect and expand the rights of organized labor. Just before August recess, he introduced the Food Secure Strikers Act of 2023, legislation to allow striking workers to qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. He is also fighting to preserve the union way of life through the PRO Act and to raise the minimum wage to at least $17 per hour with the Raise the Wage Act of 2023.