BRADDOCK, PA – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman on Saturday drove his UAW-made Ford Bronco from Braddock, Pennsylvania to Wayne, Michigan where he then joined striking UAW workers on the picket line. Fetterman was joined on the picket line by Michigan U.S. Senator Gary Peters. After walking the picket line, Fetterman addressed a group of striking workers at the UAW Local 900 union hall.

“I drove 290 miles from Braddock in my UAW-made Ford Bronco to stand in solidarity with these brave workers as they walk the picket line. Pittsburgh is a union town just like Detroit is and we are always going to have these workers’ back,” said Fetterman. “It is time for the Big 3 to come to the table and start bargaining in good faith. Enough is enough, last year the Big 3 CEOs made a combined $74 million, the Big 3 need to stop with their greed and give these workers what they deserve.”