Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Steel shareholders voted in favor of the proposed sale to Nippon Steel. Senator Fetterman released the following statement in response:

“As I’ve always said, steel is about security – both our national security and the economic security of workers and steel communities in Pennsylvania and across the country. This conversation should be about the steelworkers who power U.S. Steel.

“I’m encouraged to see Nippon is making commitments to preserving jobs and investing in Pennsylvania. They are coming to the table with these real commitments because the steelworkers and USW are putting their feet to the fire. But it’s still not enough — that’s why I will continue to stand firm behind them to protect Pennsylvania jobs.”

Senator Fetterman, who lives across the street from U.S. Steel’s Edgar Thomson plant in Braddock, has been outspoken on this issue since news broke of the proposed sale last December.

Fetterman previously filmed a video from his roof across from the plant, slamming the proposed deal and vowing to do everything he could to protect the union jobs and block the sale. In March, Senator Fetterman and Senator Casey sent a letter to U.S. Steel and Nippon expressing concern that the companies were failing to meet their commitments to Pennsylvania workers.