WASHINGTON, DC – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman today released the below statement expressing solidarity with hundreds of journalists who have walked off the job in the last few weeks amid massive layoffs, shutdowns, and bad-faith contract negotiations:

“Yesterday, more than two hundred Tribune Publishing workers at seven newsrooms across the country, including the Lehigh Valley’s own Morning Call, walked off the job in a historic 24-hour strike.

“On Wednesday, the billionaire owners of The Messenger shut down the news site and fired hundreds of workers with zero notice. Most employees learned they lost their jobs through social media or by getting kicked off their work channels, rather than any formal communication from their management. Some workers even showed up to clear out their desks but couldn’t get in because their staff badges were immediately turned off.

“All across the industry—from Condé Nast to the year-long striking Pittsburgh Post-Gazette workers—journalists are rising up to demand better. Journalists play a critical role in our country. A living wage and a fair contract are necessary to maintain a free and fair press, and that’s what we need to maintain a functioning democracy.

“Management needs to stop dragging their feet and give these workers what they deserve. We’ve seen through the historic United Auto Workers deal, the SAG-AFTRA agreement, and so many other labor actions over the last year just how powerful workers can be when they stand together and demand their fair share.

“When workers fight, workers win. And I will always have your back in this fight.

“Solidarity forever.”