LANGHORNE, PA – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman today joined striking UAW workers on the picket line outside a General Motors facility in Langhorne, PA. Fetterman spoke with the union members, talked to local press, and gave brief remarks to the crowd.

Senator Fetterman previously joined striking UAW workers in Wayne, MI just a day after the strike started, after driving his UAW-made Ford Bronco to the picket line. He promised to keep showing up and standing in solidarity with the striking workers until they “got what they deserved.” Senator Fetterman also last week published an op-ed on MSNBC about the ongoing UAW strike, and his support for the striking workers.

“What you’re doing is just and it’s the right thing. Make them pay until they pay you what you all deserve,” said Senator Fetterman.

When asked why it was so important for him to be on the picket line, Senator Fetterman responded with the following:

“Because they’re important. And their cause is important. I should be here and shame on anyone that wouldn’t be here.”