BRADDOCK, PA – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman wrapped up a busy Senate session in Washington D.C., introducing numerous bills, conducting interviews with local and national media, and grabbing local and national headlines.

In interviews with Time, the New York Times, and the Pennsylvania Capital Star, Fetterman discussed his recovery from depression, his time back in Washington, and the legislation he has introduced throughout the past few months. It was a big session for Sen. Fetterman, as his first piece of legislation passed the Senate, and he introduced numerous other bills over the last three weeks.

Sen. Fetterman’s bipartisan amendment to prohibit the sale of crude oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to adversarial nations passed the Senate, marking his first piece of legislation that has passed the chamber. It was included in the Senate’s FY 2024 National Defense Authorization Act that passed a final vote last week.


In addition, Sen. Fetterman was joined by over a dozen of his Senate colleagues to introduce the Convenient Contraception Act, legislation that would improve access to contraceptive products, including over-the-counter contraceptives.


Fetterman also introduced the Food Secure Strikers Act of 2023, legislation to allow striking workers to qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The bill came as several high-profile strikes are currently taking place in Pennsylvania and across the country. Right now, workers with United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Local 506 & 618 at Wabtec in Erie; workers with Communications Workers of America at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; and workers with the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild nationwide are all on strike.


Sen. Fetterman also joined with Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Rep. Chris Deluzio (D-PA), and others to introduce a bipartisan concurrent resolution calling for the immediate release of Marc Fogel. Fogel is a U.S. citizen and career educator who has been imprisoned by Russia since August 2021 for carrying about half an ounce of medical marijuana, which was legally prescribed to him in Pennsylvania to treat severe medical conditions.


Sen. Fetterman also introduced the Name Accuracy in Credit Reporting Act, legislation to help consumers who have legally changed their names, such as survivors of domestic violence or transgender or nonbinary consumers, obtain accurate credit reports and scores.