BRADDOCK, PA – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman sat down with CBS Sunday Morning prior to his release from Walter Reed Memorial Hospital earlier this week in his first interview to air since he received treatment for serious depression.

“My message right now isn’t political. I’m just somebody that’s suffering from depression,” said Sen. Fetterman in the interview.

The full interview is available here.

“It’s like, you just won the biggest, you know, race in the country. And the whole thing about depression is, is that objectively, you may have won, but depression can absolutely convince you that you actually lost. And that’s exactly what happened. And that was the start of a downward spiral,” said Sen. Fetterman.

Sen. Fetterman on Friday was released from Walter Reed and returned home to Braddock. With the Senate in recess for the next two weeks, Senator Fetterman will spend time with his family and constituents in Pennsylvania, and return to Washington, D.C. when the Senate session resumes on April 17th.